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Aluminum Straight Ladder 5.0m - 17 steps

Product Code : TJ-414

RADON Aluminum Straight Ladder 5.0 M - 17 stages. Radon offers you the Aluminum Straight ladder for Domestic and Industrial purposes.

RADON Aluminum Straight Ladder 5.0 M - 17 Step - The Aluminum Straight ladders manufactured by us are strong and anti-skid. They are always made twist-proof for safety of the workers. These ladders are light in weight so that it gets easier to carry it from one place to another. The rungs attached in it can be bolted, swaged or adhered. We can also attach Scaffold Hooks on most of these ladders if required. These ladders are made keeping mind the safety and protection of the workers. These are manufactured non-slippery and long-lasting. These are recognized for the characteristics like corrosion proof, stability and high tensile intensity. All the ladders manufactured by us is included with rubber shoes at both the ends. These ladders are manufactured as per the industrial needs and requirements of the client's.