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1.45m X 2.50m - Working Height 15.30m

Product Code : TJ-222

RADON Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Tower 15.30 m. A double-width tower is in use for both interior and exterior treatments. It is accessible with various base breadths and heights and can be preferred according to the necessities and needs.

RADON Double width Tower 1.45M X 2.50M - Working Height 15.30 M - Double width aluminum scaffolds tower is constructed with various ladder frames. Each frame is a ladder frame suggesting there are no mix-ups to stop and threaten those collecting or handling the tower.  The frames are light in weight for better transit, meantime, keeping the connections concentrated through welding all parts thoroughly. It has a loading volume of 250KG (Approx.) per platform simultaneously with a secure working load of 700 KG per tower. Moreover, it is accessible with various base diameters and heights and can be determined according to the demands. The levels of the frames are bump tubes that produce a solid hold for climbing and limiting waste to adhere to the surface. The length of the towers over 10m above is guarded with another construction while the highest height is 15m. It also presents the possibility to adjust the lengths figuring more platforms. Furthermore, there are huge-duty wheels for brake and discharge decisions.


  • Length - 2.50M
  • Width - 1.45M
  • Working Height - 15.30M
  • Tower Height - 14.30M
  • Platform Height - 13.30M


  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Ladder Frames 200cm Height - 7PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Span Frames 200cm Height - 7PCS
  • 255.5 cm long Horizontal Braces with locking hooks - 16PCS
  • 275.5 cm long Diagonal Braces with locking hooks - 16PCS
  • 256 cm Long Standard Platform - 1PCS
  • 256 cm Long Trapdoor Platform with opening Door - 1PCS
  • 600 cm Long Stabilizers - 4PCS
  • 114 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 242 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 20 cm Castor Wheel with dual brakes & 50cm Adjustable Jack & Nut - 4PCS
  • Snap Lock Pin - 24PCS
  • Scaffolding Tag with Two Inserts - 102 - 1PCS

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