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1.45m X 2.50m - Working Height 16.80m

Product Code : TJ-1143

RADON Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Tower 16.80 m is a unique frame locking clips-securely fix frames together and will never get lost! Don’t forget-no clips then no work on site. Extremely strong - weight rating 950kg less tower self-weight. Scaff

RADON Double width Tower 1.45M X 2.50M - Working Height 16.80 M - The double-width aluminum scaffold is a strong portable scaffolding system. The aluminum design is light in weight that provides easy and quick assembling, striking with high flexibility. A robust, manageable, simple system that anyone can build carefully and efficiently. The double-width gives extra functioning space when you require it. Perfect for jobs that take space on the working platform. The quality and design of our portable scaffold towers satisfy all modern business standards. Our stringent quality restraint systems guarantee all of our portable scaffolds to be perfectly secure to use, strong, and secure. The double-width variety of towers, so-called because of two platforms placed side by side at any one level, is perfect for most interior and exterior construction sustenance. The double-width series has been precisely composed and constructed to meet the requirements of the construction, mechanical and building trades, where fluidity, fast collection and agility are essential.


  • Length - 2.50M
  • Width - 1.45M
  • Working Height - 16.80M
  • Tower Height - 15.80M
  • Platform Height - 14.80M


  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Ladder Frames 200cm Height - 7PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Span Frames 200cm Height - 7PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 2 Rung Span Frame (Guardrail) 100cm Height - 2PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 1 Rung Span Frame (Guardrail) 50cm Height - 2PCS
  • 255.5 cm long Horizontal Braces with locking hooks - 18PCS
  • 275.5 cm long Diagonal Braces with locking hooks - 18PCS
  • 256 cm Long Standard Platform - 1PCS
  • 256 cm Long Trapdoor Platform with opening Door - 1PCS
  • 600 cm Long Stabilizers - 4PCS
  • 114 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 242 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 20 cm Castor Wheel with dual brakes & 50cm Adjustable Jack & Nut - 4PCS
  • Snap Lock Pin - 32PCS
  • Scaffolding Tag with Two Inserts - 102 - 1PCS

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