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1.45m x 2.50m - Working Height 3.20m

Product Code : TJ-210

RADON Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Tower 3.20 m. Aluminum Scaffoldings or Aluminum Scaffolding Towers or Portable Scaffolding Towers or Aluminum Working Platforms are known as safe dignified work resolutions.

RADON Double width Tower 1.45M X 2.50M - Working Height 3.20M- It is made via different ladder frames and span frames and there is no mix up to minimize the risks. The weight of the products is kept light for better transportation. Meanwhile, keeping the bonds strong through welding all joints accurately. It has a load capacity of around 250KG per platform along with a safe working load of 700 KG per tower. It is also available with various base widths and lengths and can be determined according to the conditions or requirements. Double Width Aluminum Tower is the most beneficial for activities involving the frequent erection and dismantling and easily transport the material from one site to other job sites.


  • Length - 2.50M
  • Width - 1.45M
  • Working Height - 3.20M
  • Tower Height - 2.20M
  • Platform Height - 1.20 M


  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Ladder Frames 200cm Height - 1PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Span Frames 200cm Height - 1PCS
  • 255.5 cm long Horizontal Braces with locking hooks - 4PCS
  • 275.5 cm long Diagonal Braces with locking hooks - 2PCS
  • 256 cm Long Standard Platform - 1PCS
  • 256 cm Long Trapdoor Platform with opening Door - 1PCS
  • 15 cm Castor Wheel with Fixed Jack - 4PCS
  • Scaffolding Tag with Two Inserts - 102 - 1PCS

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