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1.45m x 2.50m - Working Height 9.80m

Product Code : TJ-1136

RADON Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Tower 9.80 m is made via different ladder frames and span frames and there is no mix up to minimize the risks. The weight of the products is kept light for bett

RADON Double width Tower 1.45M X 2.50M - Working Height 9.80 M - The aluminum double width platform is a safe scaffolding for the erection of the structures in system development. They are also are used for casing comprises of welded, completely electrifies unthinkable Aluminum Scaffolding components. Such types of a tower are easy to transport and cost-effective as the result for, they can easily help within big projects, therefore, the adjustable heights and the castor wheel features init as the result for Double width tower provides more protection than the other single width aluminum tower. Some of the important features of Double width aluminum platform is it is easy to carry portability and configuration. Adjust on every height. It also provides quick assemble and dissemble.


  • Length - 2.50M
  • Width - 1.45M
  • Working Height - 9.80M
  • Tower Height - 8.80M
  • Platform Height - 7.80M


  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Ladder Frames 200cm Height - 4PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 4 Rung Span Frames 200cm Height - 4PCS
  • 145 cm Wide 1 Rung Span Frame (Guardrail) 50cm Height - 2PCS
  • 255.5 cm long Horizontal Braces with locking hooks - 10PCS
  • 275.5 cm long Diagonal Braces with locking hooks - 10PCS
  • 256 cm Long Standard Platform - 1PCS
  • 256 cm Long Trapdoor Platform with opening Door - 1PCS
  • 300 cm Long Stabilizers - 4PCS
  • 114 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 242 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 20 cm Castor Wheel with dual brakes & 50cm Adjustable Jack & Nut - 4PCS
  • Snap Lock Pin - 16PCS
  • Scaffolding Tag with Two Inserts - 102 - 1PCS

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