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0.80m X 1.80m - Working Height 8.80m

Product Code : TJ-1595

RADON Aluminum Scaffolding Mobile Tower 8.80 M is utilized to perform for various techniques with the quick assembling of its parts that are flimsy in weight, and non-rusting parts which neither possess corrosion nor scraping.

RADON Single Width Tower 0.80M X 1.80M - Working Height 8.80 M - It is utilized for various interior treatments with the quick assembling of its elements that are light in weight, and rustproof elements which neither gets corrode nor scrape. The functioning platform is composed of water resistant materials and anti-slip wood it includes aluminum frames throughout it for the accurate fixture of the toe board. The platform is accessible in two forms that involve standard and trapdoor. Also, it includes two braces that are diagonal and horizontal brace. The advantage of this single width tower is that it has a working height of 13.30m, a tower height of 12.30m, and also a platform height of 11.30m. It has an attached long stabilizer with which it can hold the scaffold and block it from bending over. This also includes two frames Span and ladder frame, which has a high holding ability.


  • Length - 1.80M
  • Width - 0.80M
  • Working Height - 8.80M
  • Tower Height - 7.80M
  • Platform Height - 6.80M


  • 80 cm Wide 4 Rung Ladder Frames 200cm Height - 3PCS
  • 80 cm Wide 4 Rung Span Frames 200cm Height - 3PCS
  • 80 cm Wide 2 Rung Span Frames(Guardrails) 100cm Height - 2PCS
  • 80 cm Wide 1 Rung Span Frame (Guardrails) 50 cm Height - 2PCS
  • 180 cm long Horizontal Braces with locking hooks - 8PCS
  • 200 cm long Diagonal Braces with locking hooks - 8PCS
  • 180 cm Long Trapdoor Platform with opening Door - 1PCS
  • 300 cm Long Stabilizers - 4PCS
  • 80 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 180 cm Wooden Side Toe Board - 2PCS
  • 20 cm Castor Wheel with dual brakes & 50cm Adjustable Jack & Nut - 4PCS
  • Snap Lock Pin - 16PCS
  • Scaffolding Tag with Two Inserts - 102 - 1PCS